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The Great Salvage Operator

A few weeks ago my sister and co-author Linda Lyons Richardson passed the veil through death to Life… and left a hole in our hearts. Yesterday her husband was sharing with me the pain of removing her from bank accounts and deeds, etc. Such things feel so cold… so final… so hard.

So I was reminded of my recurring sense that this is not the way things were supposed to be. I’m not questioning God at all. I’m just saying that this was not the way things were originally designed to work. We were made for everlasting life. The violent separation death brings is a result of mankind’s choice to go his own way. We messed up God’s perfect creation, and it hurts like a sliver jammed under my fingernail.

So when I miss my sister my heart cries out, “This is not the way things are supposed to be!” It does not feel right because it is a violation of God’s original design for us.

But then the Great Salvage Operator goes to work. He’s like a junkyard artist. It’s His way. He enters into the mess we’ve made, picks through the wreckage and creates something beautiful… if we have a willing heart and eyes to see.

So two people whom Linda longed to bring into friendship with Jesus now seem to be arriving there. So her husband is learning to cultivate the garden she left for him. And I’ll be watching to see what other flowers bloom in the rich soil of life that Linda left behind.

What do you see the Great Salvage Operator creating out of your pain?

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