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Get Real

I have two friends who are both in pain. They’ve both been severely hurt and disappointed by people whom they love. For one I am excited, because I sense that he’s on the verge of a breakthrough in his relationship with God. For the other friend I am concerned that they may be drifting toward being broken further and falling into even greater pain. Either one could go either way. And I sense that the difference is pride Vs humility.

Then there was my sister Linda. You might say she was feisty. At her funeral a few weeks ago everyone agreed that above all Linda was authentic. She was fiercely real. She simply would not tolerate pretense. Anything less than authentic would evoke a look of disdain like the one you see to the right, or a word of acerbic wit that would make you wince with pain as you were laughing. And it was refreshing.

Linda’s no longer in pain like my two friends. In this life she experienced more than her share of pain, but it did not leave her hard and toxic. Instead her heart remained tender and her presence was (usually!) winsome.

If you’d like to follow Linda’s example, take a few minutes to listen to her eloquent Kiwi neighbor Nan Lewis describe how Linda inspired her.  Just click Authenticity to download and listen.

What have you noticed about people who grow through their pain?

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