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Welcome to the Café!

Grab a latte, pull a chair up to your favorite table and taste and see the Lord's goodness in the midst of pain.

Interested in hearing someone else's story through pain? Check out the Your Stories area where you can watch videos and read about other people who have walked down paths of pain to come out the other side closer to God.

Interested in other insights into paths through pain? Head over to the blog for posts from Don't Waste the Pain author David Lyons and others on all sorts of topics that may relate to where you are currently struggling. 

And if you're looking to start or continue the process of growth, join the conversations in the blog or check out the various resources on the Book Shelf. These resources include a personal study that is available to download and process at your own pace. Our hope is that your journey will be less lonely and strengthened by your time with us.

So, get comfortable and relax in the Don't Waste the Pain Café. We're glad you're here.