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My Daily Prayer

My dear Lord Jesus, I come to You now to be restored in You—to affirm my place in You, and to reaffirm my loyalty and fidelity to You. I come to receive the grace and peace I so desperately need this day. I bow before You as my sovereign liege, surrendering every aspect of my life to You. I offer myself to You as a living sacrifice. As such, I once again turn over to You my lips, eyes, hands and feet… heart, soul, mind, and strength. Please use any and every part of me for Your purposes and pleasure today, for I am Yours. I am asking You to restore my union with You during this time of prayer. Restore & renew: Psa 51:10-12; 80; Lam 5:21; Grace & peace (shalom): Rom 1:7; 1 Cor 1:3, 2 Cor 1:2; Gal 1:3; Eph 1:2; Col 1:2; 1 The 1:1; 2 The 1:2, etc.; Sacrifice & surrender: Rom 12:1-2; Eph 5:2; Php 2:17; His pleasure: Php 1:10; Union: Joh 17:21-23; Eph 3:16-20
In all that I now pray, I also bring to You those I love: Renee, Danielle & James, Wes & Christi, Nicole, Calvin, Hudson, Ian, Graham and all those in my domain. Acting as their head by faith, I bring them along with me. Bring to you: Exo 28:12, 29; 1 Sam 12:23, Neh 1:6; Job 1:5; Php 1:19; : Their head: Num 1:4; Deu 3:28; 1 Cor 11:3; Eph 5:23
O Lord, You are always holy, powerful and loving, and together those qualities make You worthy of my complete trust. And I do trust You and once again turn to You with the longings and anxieties of my heart because Your motives are always pure, You never fail to do what You promise, and You always have my best interests in mind. You alone are The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and You have infused Your Life into me. So I let go of all other gods and idols: ideas, appetites, desires, dreams, positions, methods, people and things to which I have looked for life. And I embrace the fact that today You are my Fountain Of Living Waters. So, may rivers of Living Water flow from my innermost being. I confess here and now that it is all about You, God, and not about me… not about my ideas of what should be, my fulfillment, or my comfort, convenience or control. For You are the Hero of this story and I am merely Your bondservant. Please forgive me Lord, for my many sins. Have mercy Lord, although I don’t deserve it. Do continue to search me and reveal to me facets of my life that are not pleasing to You. Please persist to show me aspects of my heart that I’ve withheld from You, or that need Your healing, transforming touch. And in those areas grant me the grace of deep and true repentance and renovation. Complete trust > surrender: Rom 12:1; Eph 3:16-19; Turning to God with longings & anxieties: Psa 63; 81:11-16; 90:14; 107:9; Isa 55:2; Mat 6:25-27; Php 4:6-7; 1 Pet 5:7; God’s pure motives: Psa 18:30; 1 Joh 4:16; My best interests: Jer 29:11; Rom 8:28; The way, truth, Life: Joh 14:16; Infused Life: Joh 4:14; 5:21, 26; 6:51,53; 7:38-39; 10:10; Rom 8:2, 11; 2 Cor 4:10-11; Gal 2:20; 3:21; Col 3:4; 1 Joh 5:11-12; Idols: Exo 20:3-5; 1 Cor 10:6-7; Eph 5:5; Php 3:19; Col 3:5; 1 Joh 5:21; looking for life: Psa 16:11; 34:12; 36:9; Pro 3:18, 22; 4:22-23; 13:12; 14:30; Mat 7:14; Joh 1:4; 5:26; 10:10; Fountain of Living Water: Jer 2:13; Joh 4:10-11; 7:38; Search me: Psa 139:23; Gift of repentance: Act 5:31; 11:18; Rom 2:4; 2 Tim 2:25
Getting Dressed
Now I once again put on Your armor—the belt of solid, unchanging, Life-giving Truth… the breastplate of authentic righteousness that deflects the condemnation I sometimes feel or inflict on myself… the shoes of being ready through the gospel of peace… and the helmet of salvation guarding my mind…. God’s Armor: Eph 6:11-17; Rom 13:11-14; 1 The 5:8; Life-giving truth: Joh 8:32; Authentic righteousness: Rom 5:17; 8:10; 2 Cor 5:16-21; Eph 4:24; Php 1:11; No condemnation: Rom 8:1; Guarding my mind: Pro 4:23; Rom 12:2; Eph 4:23; Php 4:7-8
Clothing Myself with My Sonship & Embracing My Father
Father, thank You for loving me as You do, for conceiving me in Your mind and setting Your heart on me before You made the world, and now making me Your beloved son. You are truly my Father: my designer and creator, my provider and sustainer, my mentor and defender, and the true beginning and end of all things in my life. Papa, I love Your warm, prolonged embrace. Thank You for showing Your love for me by sending Your beloved firstborn Son, Jesus, to be my substitute and liberator. I bow before You as I once again thank You for the priceless gift of Your beloved Son. Thank You for including me in Christ, for covering my sins with His blood, for grafting His righteousness into me, for filling my innermost being with His Spirit, and for actually making me Your authentic son - born from above and born of Your Spirit. Thank You for making me alive with Him, for raising me with Him, for placing me with Him at Your right hand, for entrusting me with His authority, and for anointing me with His Holy Spirit. As Your beloved son, I enter into Your joy over me and over all You have done in and for me, and gratefully yield my life to You. Conceived before the world began: Rom 8:29; Eph 1:4-5; Psa 139:16; I am God’s son: Rom 8:14-15, 29; Gal 3:26; 4:5-7; Eph 1:5; My personal designer & creator: Psa 139; Eph 2:10; 4:24; Papa / Abba: Rom 8:15; Gal 4:6; Jesus firstborn among brothers: Rom 8:29; Col 1:18; In Christ: Eph 1!; Grafted in: Rom 11:17-24; Filled with His Spirit: Joh 14:16-20; Born from above & born of His Spirit: Joh 3:3-8; Alive with Him: Col 2:13; Raised with Him: Rom 6:4; Eph 2:5-6; With Him at God’s right hand: Col 2:12; 3:1-3; Entrusted with His authority: Mat 10:1; Luk 10:19; 2 Cor 13:10; Col 2:10
Clothing Myself with Jesus’ Crucifixion
Jesus, how I thank You for coming to personally rescue me… giving Your own life as a ransom. I do owe You everything. So I humble myself before You. I once again come fully into the work and triumph of Your rescue operation, the crucifixion, whereby I have been cleansed from all my sin through Your shed blood, my heart of hearts has been circumcised unto God, and my old nature has been put to death. So every claim being made against me has been disarmed and deactivated. I take my place in Your cross and death, whereby I have died with You to sin. I am crucified with Christ, so I take up my cross today and put to death the residual effects of my former nature (my flesh): my pride, desire to be in control, selfishness, self-indulgence, sensuality, lust, hypocrisy, deceit, impatience, jealousy, harshness, and irritability. I put off those works of my past nature. I now bring the cross of Christ between me and those vestiges of what I used to be. Holy Spirit, please lead me, and those I love, into the fullness of the work of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I receive it with thanks and yield to Your total claim to our lives. Circumcised heart: Rom 2:28-29; Col 2:21; Old nature dead: Rom 6:6; 2 Cor 5:17; Gal 2:20; Claims disarmed: Mat 12:29; Luk 10:18; Joh 12:31; Col 2:14-15; Heb 2:14; Dead to sin: Rom 6-7; Gal 2; Col 2-3; Putting to death the residual effects or vestiges of my old nature (my flesh): Rom 6; 8:13; Gal 5:19-24
Clothing Myself with Jesus’ Resurrection
Jesus, I also take in the outcome of your resurrection, and embrace You as my true Life… Your righteousness, wisdom, love, joy and strength live deep within me now. I have been raised with You to walk in new Life, dead to sin and alive to God. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. So I now take my place in Your resurrection, whereby I have been made alive with You. I now put on Your humility and holiness, righteousness and purity, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-government, and courage. Christ is my Life, the One who strengthens me. So Holy Spirit, please lead me and those I love into the fullness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I receive it with thanks and yield to Your total claim on our lives. Raised with Christ: Rom 6:4; Eph 2:5-6; Col 2:12-13; 3:1; Christ living in me: Joh 14:19-20; 17:21; Rom 8:10; 2 Cor 4:10-11; 13:5; Gal 2:20; Eph 2:5; 3:17 Col 1:27; 2:13; 3:4; 1 Joh 5:11-12; Rev 3:20; His righteousness in me: Rom 5:17; 8:10; 10:10; 1 Cor 1:30; 2 Cor 5:21; Eph 4:24; Php 1:11; 3:9; 1 Joh 2:29; 3:7; His wisdom in me: Act 6:10; 1 Cor 1:30; 2:13; Col 1:9; 2:3; 3:16; Jam 3:17; His love in me; Joh 17:26; Rom 5:5; Gal 5:22; Eph 3:17; 1 Joh 4:7-8; 12, 16; His joy in me: Joh 15:11; 17:13; Gal 5:22; His strength in me: Eph 1:19; 6:10; Php 4:13; Put on the new self: Eph 4:24; Col 3:10ff; Gal 5:22ff
Clothing Myself with Jesus’ Ascension
Jesus, I also solemnly invoke Your authority and everlasting victory over Satan and his kingdom. I declare the work and triumph of Your ascension which proves that Satan has been judged and cast down, his rulers and authorities disarmed, and all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to You, Jesus. I marvel that I have been given Your fullness, You who are the Head over all. I take my place in Your ascension, for I have been raised with You to the right hand of the Father and established with You in Your authority. As Your deputy I invoke Your authority and Your kingdom rule over my heart, my life, my family, my household, and my domain. Triumph of His ascension: Acts 2:34-36; Eph 1:19-23; 4:8-10; Col 2:13-15; Heb 8:1;
And now I bring the fullness of Your work— Your crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension—against the vestiges of my old nature, against the influence of the world system in my heart and home, against Satan, against his kingdom of darkness, and against all his emissaries and their work, warring against me and my domain. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. Christ has given me authority to overcome the power of the Evil One, and I claim that authority now over and against every enemy spirit, and I banish them from my heart, home and domain in the name of Jesus Christ. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in me as it is in heaven. Holy Spirit, apply to me and to those I love the fullness of the work of Jesus Christ. I once again receive it and yield to Your total claim to our lives.  
Clothing Myself with The Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit… I wholeheartedly embrace You as my Counselor, my Comforter, my Strength, and my Escort. Thank You for taking up residence in me, and sealing me in Christ. I honor You as my indwelling Lord, and I ask You to lead me into all the truth I need today, to anoint me for all that You have in mind. Even today may You lead me deeper into living Jesus! I fully open my life to You—body and soul— inviting You to fill me so that I may walk in step with You in all things throughout this day. Please apply to me and through me Your work and Your gifts. Fill me afresh, living and Holy Spirit of Jesus. I receive You with thanks and affirm Your total claim to my life, my wife, my children and all those in my domain.
Using My Spiritual Weapons
Having clad myself with Your armor, I take up the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, the spoken Word of God, and I wield these weapons against the Evil One in the power of God. Spiritual Weapons: Eph 6:11-17; 2 Cor 6:7;
  • To any spirit stirring up despair I say it is written, “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And I enter into the joy of my Master.
  • To any spirit stirring up anger or conflict I say it is written, “The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God…. Do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.” (James 1:20 & Ephesians 4:26) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I put on Your love, gentleness and peace.
  • To any spirit stirring up bitterness or unresolved wounding I say it is written, “See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness [or unresolved wounding] springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled.” (Hebrews 12:15) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I clothe myself with Your Spirit of forgiveness and healing grace.
  • To any spirit stirring up deceit or hypocrisy I say it is written, “Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices.” (Colossians 3:9) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I put on Your truth and integrity.
  • To any spirit stirring up fear I say it is written, “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I enter into Your power, love, and Your mind.
  • To any spirit stirring up pride I say it is written, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I put on Your humility and grace.
  • To any spirit stirring up immorality I say it is written, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own… for you have been bought with a price.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) Therefore in the name of Jesus Christ I banish all of you from my heart, from my home, and from my domain. And Lord, I embrace Your purity and holiness.
Lord of Hosts, I come to You in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and I call on You to cover us with the blood of Jesus throughout this day. May His blood block every demonic influence, keeping the enemy from touching us in any way. I call on You to block every intention the forces of darkness may conceive against us. May all of the enemy’s plans against us be thwarted. Instead Lord, please surround us and fill us with Your presence!
Holy Spirit, please continue to teach me to pray in the Spirit, especially in every vulnerable moment and opportune situation, to be strong in You Lord, and in Your might, that I may finish this day well… that I may sign Your name to the end of this day.  
Mobilizing Reinforcements
Lord of Hosts, thank You for Your angels. I summon them in the authority of Jesus Christ and release them to fight for me, my household, and my domain. May they guard us at all times this day! Thank You for those friends who pray for us; I confess we need their prayers, and I ask You to rouse them and raise a full canopy of prayer and intercession for us.  
Calling Down The Father’s Blessing (Ephesians 3:16-20 personalized)
Heavenly Father, in view of the favor that You have poured out on me over the years, I beg You, You Who are truly the father of every family in the past, present and future, that You would give to each member of our family much more of these lavish gifts than You’ve given to me:  
  • That You would pour out the fullness of Your beauty on each of us…
  • That we may experience Your energy and capacity living in us…
  • That we may learn to trust You completely and thus yield to Jesus Himself living comfortably in our hearts…
Why would we trust You like that? Because… Your great love for us is an established fact. Of course we are already deeply rooted in Your love, and the foundation of Your extreme love for us is firm and strong. I am just praying that we would be able to truly grasp the greatness of Your love for us…  
  • That we cannot stray so far that we’ll exceed the width of Your love…
  • That we cannot fail so often or so long that we’ll wear out Your love…
  • That Your love for us is so high that we don’t need to do anything to increase it …
  • That You have explored all the depth of our being and love every part of us…
Although we can never fully understand this, I pray that I, and each one I love, will come to know Your love so profoundly that we will find ourselves trusting You completely and yielding to You thoroughly, so that we will be completely filled and controlled with Your loving presence. As that happens, the sky will not even be the limit. May You do more than we’ve ever imagined, living in and through us. May Your beauty and radiance be displayed through us individually and in community, and may it flow in the lives of our physical and spiritual children, grandchildren, and generations to follow. May it be so!  
I call forth the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ this day throughout my heart, my home, my family, my household, my life, and my domain. I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, with all glory and honor and thanks to Him.