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A Prayer of Surrender

I give up...  Heavenly Father, I recognize that I cannot _________ (live the Christian life) in my own strength... that in and of myself, I have utterly failed to do so.  I confess that I have been self-focused and self-absorbed, and that I have been struggling to _______ in my own resources.  I admit that I really have been putting my confidence in the flesh by trying to get my needs met through ____________ (people, achievements and possessions). I receive...  Because of my inability to ________, I choose to give up on my self-sufficiency and to allow Christ to live His victorious life through me.  I receive the fact that regardless of how I feel, I (the person I used to be in Adam, the old man, the old me) have been crucified with Christ... was buried with Christ... and I (the person I am in Christ, the new me, a new creature) was raised with Him... am now seated at God's right hand with Christ... and Christ is now my life. I surrender...  Since Christ is now my life, I realize that everything I am and all I have or hope to have belongs to You.  So I place my body at Your disposal: my hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth and mind.  Furthermore, I surrender all I have enjoyed or longed for: the reputation & success, the comfort & pleasure, the possessions & dreams, the strengths & relationships, my wife & children.  I give up my "rights" to be loved by others, to avoid reaping what I sow, to be understood, to hold a grudge, and to be in control.  In particular, I surrender _______.  I commit into Your hands all my rights and expectations, and I give You permission to do anything You wish to me, with me, in me or though me.  I could not take these "rights" back even if I wanted to, because they now belong to You. I trust You...  I am trusting You in Your timing, to make this truth of who I am in Christ a reality in my daily experience and feelings.  I choose as a act of my will to believe and therefore act upon what You have taught me about who I am in Christ, no matter what my circumstances are or continue to be. Thank You...  Thank you that Jesus Himself is everything I need for everything in my life.  Teach me more about Him and what it means that I am in Him and He is in me.  If there is anything hindering Your life from flowing through me, please bring it to my attention so that we can deal with it.  Thank You for the victory and freedom and rest and joy which are now mine in Christ. (This prayer is adapted from teaching materials of Grace Ministries in Manassas, VA, USA)