Recent Stories

  • A Valley Girl: Yolanda Stith's Story

        I was born and raised in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of greater Los Angeles.  It was there that the term “Valley Girl” became popular.  It held special significance to me, not only because I came [more]

  • Roller Coasters – Emily's Story

    Brent and I had been married for 16 years. We had been through quite a bit. In the midst of many physical illnesses, we had two wonderful children who really have been a blessing. We were ministry minded and when we were turned down to move overseas to work with some [more]

  • Where is God in My Suffering? – Kit's Story

    My name is Kit Danley and I am the president here at Neighborhood Ministries. I come from affluent America. I come from a background off the lake, say in Milwaukee, both parents and grandparents were prominent Milwaukeeans. And as my parents tried to do adult [more]

Book Shelf

Sometimes you need some help on the path.  Some good hiking shoes, a walking stick, a helping hand.  Here on the Book Shelf, we've got all sorts of of tools to help you on your path.  Check out the Book for a look at someone else's 'journey through pain.  The Lessons will offer you a workbook to get launched further down your journey.  And we'll be updating the resources as we find other things to help along the road.  Keep checking back to see what new tools we have to offer.'